Confined Space Entry — Top 3 Safety Tips

Confined Space Entry Safety Tips

When working in confined spaces, it’s critical that workers stay safe from hidden and potentially deadly dangers. These spaces – which, according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Health and Safety Administration, are usually small and difficult to exit … Continue reading

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Surprisingly Safe and Easy Ways to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a traditional Irish feast day that takes place each year on March 17 to honor Ireland’s patron Saint Patrick for his extensive missionary work. Holiday parades and the custom of pinching people for not wearing green … Continue reading

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Over Complicating Safety

Oil drilling operations safety

By Brian Mitchell, HSE officer, and drilling consultant The rig count is climbing once again, and completions activity is increasing. Personnel who have been out of the business for a period of time and new hires are being put to work. With … Continue reading

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Welder Safety Tips: How to Avoid Exposure to Welding Hazards

Welding PPE

The potential hazards of welding include harmful smoke (a mixture of fine particles – fumes – of metal and toxic gases), intense heat and sparks, loud noises, bright light, ultraviolet and infrared radiation. Exposure to welding fumes has been a … Continue reading

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3 Ways To Stay Safe During Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving Time

March 12, 2017 — a day many dread. Daylight Saving Time is responsible for you losing an hour of sleep, causing your internal clock to suffer. On the (literally) brighter side, you get more sunlight. A huge plus for those … Continue reading

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Product Experts’ Picks: Top 3 Harnesses

Experts Picks

Every month our Product Experts offer top product picks for a given category. This month we define our favorites for harnesses because they are some of our most popular fall protection products that are crucial for workplace safety. Top 3 … Continue reading

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ANSI Compliance, Safety and Health for Food Processing

Food Processing PPE

By Samantha Hoch, Marketing, Haws Corp. From the oil industry to mining, agriculture to research, any working environment that puts employees in close proximity to occupational hazards, such as potentially harmful chemicals, must make workplace safety a priority. The food … Continue reading

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Addressing Occupational Safety for Locksmiths: Protective Equipment Must Haves


By Dusty Henry, Sevan Locks & Doors  When you consider occupational safety, there are a lot of different occupations that may come to mind first for needing protective equipment – construction workers, welders, etc. Being a locksmith can actually be rather hazardous … Continue reading

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How to Comply with Important Requirements for Eye Wash Stations

Using Eyewash Station

The ANSI/ISEA Z358.1-2014 American National Standard covers emergency eye/face washes, showers, and combination units. It is important to know that emergency showers are designed to flush the user’s body, and should not be used to flush the eyes as the … Continue reading

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How to Easily Protect Yourself With ANSI Compliant High Visibility Gear

High Visibility Clothing in use at night

If you or your employees are working in conditions with low light or poor visibility and are not wearing appropriate high visibility clothing, the risk of being struck my moving equipment or vehicles is much higher than when you are. … Continue reading

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