Cowboy Hard Hat Protects From Sun, Rain, and Falling Tools

Apparently the 11th time is the charm if you’re a Bakersfield machine-tool rep with a vision to create a cowboy hard hat. That’s how many times it took inventor Bret Atkins to develop a design that would meet ANSI standards and win the all-important approval of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Cowboy Style Hard Hat Meets OSHA and ANSI Standards

Tired of getting grease or dirt on his snow white Stetson each time he entered a hard hat-required site for work, Atkins began working in his garage on a fiberglass hard hat model with some country flare. After 10 tries and nearly $80,000 worth of ANSI testing fees, the backyard inventor got it just right. But limited production ability meant he was only churning out about 15 a day.

That was until Katie Couric happened to see a friend of Atkins’ wife wearing a Western Outlaw when the Today Show host came to chat with a crowd outside the NBC studios in New York. And while that must have been quite a New York fashion statement by the family friend, it lead to Katie wearing the hard hat during a show and announcing to the nationwide audience “It’s an OSHA-approved Western hard hat.”

Orders began to stream in, including one from an Australian distributor who ordered 10,000 because the Australian Cancer Society liked the broad, sun-shielding brim. Atkins found a manufacturer, ramped up production, and today the Western Outlaw is sold by distributors, including us, around the world.

The OccuNomix Vulcan model that we sell protects from sun and rain, reduces exposure to electrical conductors, and cuts a very dashing figure on the job site. Since it was developed in Bakersfield, it shares roots with country legends like Merle Haggard and Buck Owens. And we have to believe if Merle was ever on a hard hat-required jobsite, he’d prefer to wear a Western Outlaw any day of the week.

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21 comments on “Cowboy Hard Hat Protects From Sun, Rain, and Falling Tools
  1. Andy says:

    Who is the Australian distributer?????

  2. chalermpong Kosayodom says:

    I would like to buy hard hat cowboy style. / green Color . It’s safety helmet or not? and How much?
    Chalermpong Kosayodom

  3. mick dennis says:

    we where interested in your cowboy style hard hats but dont see how you can possibly justify the postage to Australia $368.00 to send 3 hats to Australia is just unbelievable. I have just shipped an amplifier that weighed 15kg from there and including the special case it had to go in it only cost $100.00 so i think that you need to look at your mailing costs.

  4. Dawn Page says:

    Does the Cowboy Hard Hats comply to Australian Standards please?

    • Administrator says:

      Hi. Thanks for writing. Sorry, I wasn’t able to find any information regarding the Occunomix Cowboy Hat meeting Australian standards. They do meet the US OSHA Standards. Unfortunately I don’t know if our safety standards overlap in this area.

      Best regards,

      PK Safety Supply

  5. Alex Martinez says:

    Did you have any dealer in mexico. Tanks

  6. Ravichandran says:

    Hi, I’m from Johor, Malaysia. Interested with the cowboy type safety helmet / hard hat.

    1. Where can I get this type of helmet in Malaysia ?

    2. What is the price for each helmet ?

    3. What are the colour options ?

    Note : Pls email me the complete specifications and details of this helmet !


    • Justin McCarter says:

      Hi Johor,

      The cowboy hardhats are cool. We have lots of interest in them. They come in both black and tan. However, since we don’t have a local supplier in your area, shipping costs may be prohibitively expensive. Use this link to the Occunomix Cowboy Hardhat. When you go to checkout you can enter the country you wish to ship the hardhats to, and it will calculate the costs for you. When I did a test, the hardhat cost $22 and the shipping was $44. Not ideal. If you’re interested in lots and lots of them, contact Customer Service at and they might be able to help with the price. Hope this helps.

      Thanks for contacting us.

      Best regards,

      Justin McCarter
      PK Safety

      • Ravichandran says:

        Dear Justin,

        Is this type hard hat come together with chin strap ?
        If no then, any options ??

        • Justin McCarter says:


          Unfortunately this doesn’t come with (or have an option for) a chin strap. I’d recommend something like the PIP Evolution hard hat 6161 which also has a full brim for sun protection. Chin straps are available separately for the 6161, but you’ll need to contact customer service at Another, more expensive option are the Petzl hardhats which have chin straps included, but don’t have the nice brim.

          Hope this helps.

          Let me know if you have more questions.

  7. Ravichandran says:

    Dear Justin,

    Is there any supplier of this type of hard hat at Singapore since my city near by Singapore ?

    • Justin McCarter says:

      Hi again!

      Sorry, I’m not aware of any local distributors. We are able to ship to Singapore. Simply go through the regular checkout for the Cowboy Hardhat, then enter Singapore as your destination. Our checkout cart will calculate shipping costs for you.

      Hope this helps.

      Thanks again,

      PK Safety

  8. jodie says:

    Are these compliant with Australian standards. .
    I really hope so.
    Our whole company want them..

    • Justin McCarter says:

      Occunomix doesn’t state whether these meet specific current Australian standards. However, in the past US and Australian standards have been equivalent for hardhats and we have sold these hats to Australian companies. Hope this helps.

      Thanks for writing.

      PK Safety

  9. Shawn says:

    Any luck in finding out if they meet the Australian Safety Standard AS/NZS 1801 TYPE 1 INDUSTRIAL

    • Justin McCarter says:

      I just realized those manufacturers didn’t respond to me. To me! I’m a pretty big deal too.

      Anyhow, I’ve sent them another note and will let you know what I hear. Sorry for the delay. Expect to hear from my by tomorrow.

      PK Safety

      • Justin McCarter says:

        The makers of the Cowboy hardhats finally responded and said this:

        “I am sorry unfortunately we do not test these to see if they meet the Australian standard.”

        It doesn’t mean that they don’t meet the Australian requirements, it just means that Occunomix hasn’t tested for them specifically. And unfortunately I couldn’t find any information while doing my research that the Australian and US hardhat standards are equivalent.

        Sorry that’s not much help. If I find any more information, I’ll update this thread.

        Thanks for getting back to us.

        PK Safety

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